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In the 13th century, a monumental work called "Record of Eastern Wonders" was published, shocking the Western world. It detailed the author's journey along the Silk Road, from the Mediterranean to Eurasia, spending nearly twenty years traveling from the Western Regions to China.


The ancient Silk Road connected the East and the West, opening a window for ancient Chinese civilization to the world. Dunhuang, located in the northwest frontier, is the throat of the Silk Road and the intersection of four ancient civilizations. It is a historical witness to the exchanges between China and the West. Over the course of thousands of years, the splendid and richDunhuang culture has now emerged as a new trend and gained admiration from people around the world. The upgrading of aesthetic consumption today demands higher requirements for the creation of space and quality of life. In the pursuit of refined lifestyle aesthetics, Owen Lai Stone and Red Star Macalline will join hands to hold the Dunhuang Design Breakthrough Study Tour from June 5th to 8th. With a unique industry perspective, they will write a grand "Dunhuang Chronicle of 'Culture'", allowing space, design, art, and fashion to converge and collide here once again, igniting sparks of design and beauty on the magnificent desert.


Part 1: The Millennium Imprint of the Silk Road Dunhuang

The brilliant Dunhuang culture is best known for its grotto murals. Artisans from various dynasties faithfully depicted the grand scenes of folk and religious art on the steep cliffs of loess, leaving behind epic artistic treasures for future generations. The rich cultural heritage endows aesthetic works with even more profound appreciation value. Exploring time in Dunhuang is not only a search for the imprints left by Chinese civilization over thousands of years, a deep understanding of the culture of the Silk Road throughout the ages, but also an infusion of the wrinkles of time on the rock walls with deeper connotations, achieving a convergence between Dunhuang and spatial aesthetics.


Designers from all over the country will gather here to study the essence and significance of Dunhuang culture, capturing aesthetic inspiration from the Eastern art of the millennium, and empowering future spatial designs. Located on the desert Gobi, Dunhuang is an everlasting spring for culture and art.

Part 2: Aesthetic Romanticism on the Desert

"The vast desert, the setting sun on the long river." This famous line from a renowned poet has left a romantic mark in the hearts of the Chinese people, becoming an exclusive symbol of the desert in the national memory. Over the course of thousands of years, through the artistic rendering of ancient poets, the border desert has been endowed with a vast and magnificent atmosphere. Now, an art and beauty ceremony held in the desert will continue this unique "romanticism."


Renowned painters and spatial installation artists will collaborate with nearly a hundred designers to create an artistic work on the desert. Using the desert as the backdrop for creation and employing modern installations and performance art as the language, they will express their reflections on the current natural environment and lifestyle aesthetics. They call for more people to focus on sustainable ecological environments while pursuing a quality life, carrying forward the concept of "harmony between man and nature" that has been passed down since ancient times.

Cross-industry collaborations will drive a new aesthetic trend. The rising popularity of Dunhuang cultural and creative intellectual property (IP) has attracted the younger generation to explore its charm, sparking a series of thoughts on "national trend" and "cross-border" concepts.


The core of the humanistic spirit is "people-oriented

", and the advanced sense of artistic aesthetics comes from the emotional resonance between the artwork and people. As a cultural mission, Owen Lai seeks to meet people's spiritual needs, launching the thematic collection of symbolic products called "Time Box," using Chinese poetic brushstrokes to express material aesthetics, and satisfying the high-level aesthetic demands of those who pursue a balanced and progressive life attitude and a quality pursuit with a sense of style.

Based on the understanding of Chinese romantic living spaces, the "Time Box" was born, focusing on the exploration and perception of the millennium civilization, leading to the creation of "Dunhuang Chronicle of 'Culture.'"

Starting from spatial aesthetics, Owen Lai and Red Star Macalline will engage in cross-industry dialogues with heavyweight guests from the fields of art, fashion, and real estate. They will explore the innovative collaboration between home design and national trends, empowering each other and contributing to the revival of traditional culture in the present.

With cross-industry as the core and integration as the creativity, in the soil where ancient and modern Eastern and Western civilizations converge, Owen Lai will also collaborate with renowned fashion designers to present a trend-setting fashion show on the desert. Highlighting the texture of space materials in fashion elements, they will create an unprecedented trend of rock panel art. This is not only a "breakthrough" journey but also a "boundary-breaking" endeavor.

Exploring the ultimate Eastern aesthetics along the Silk Road, and dancing on the desert, an interdisciplinary carnival will begin. From June 5th to 8th, the "Dunhuang Chronicle of 'Culture'" Owen Lai Breakthrough Design Study Tour, we'll see you there!

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